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One Price Policy

All builders have a one price policy when  it comes to the sale of new homes. There are a number of reasons for this which you should understand.

Builders are in the business of building and selling homes in a way which generates the most profit in the easiest possible manner.

Almost 70% of new home sales are made by Realtors introducing their clients to the builder.

If builders decided to undercut Realtors by offering ‘walk-in’ clients a special discount, the Realtors would stop taking clients and the builders would lose about 70% of their business.

By giving away discounts, the builder would be lowering the street value of their own homes, making subsequent sales more difficult. The reason for this is that many families require a mortgage and if the comparison sales prices are lower, then the property will not appraise and the builder will lose the sale.

Builders know that neighbors will talk. They do not want to be accused by one owner of selling a home at a cheaper price as this is bad for business.

Builders price in the agreed sales commission into the sales price the same as with any other home being sold. If the builder gets a direct walk-in, then they get to keep the commission fee. Lucky them, but you still pay the same price.

Realtors work under a code of ethics. We are obliged to represent you and your interests over and above everything else.


With a One Price Policy in place it make absolute sense to work with a professional Realtor who will represent your interests as against going directly to the builder who is only obliged to look after their own interests.

Even if you find a new community or property online, you should always notify your Realtor and allow them to get you further information.

By doing it yourself, you could forfeit the right for Realtor representation should you decide that you wish to purchase this property.

We understand that you may wish to do some of the legwork yourself, and can even think of it as being helpful.

For those of you that can only view properties at times when I am not available to accompany you … keep reading!


We have created a New Home VIP Access Program

for those of you who just cannot resist walking into a new community sales office.

New Home VIP Access Program

Simply complete the form below and we will email a copy of the image above which you can either save to you phone or print out and keep in your pocket book. All you need to do is show this at the sales center and make sure that I am noted as being your Realtor. This ensures that builder recognizes that I will be representing you with any purchase, even though I am not with you on this occasion.



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